Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pics from my first week

Here's my pre-departure pic with all my luggage before Dad drove me to the airport!  (Taken Feb. 20 - can you believe that was a full week ago?)

My traditional on the flight picture:

Goodbye USA...

Flight map:

The sweet couple I sat next to on the flight!  He wouldn't get up to let me out, so I had to climb over him, which was awkward.  But they helped me with my basic phrases like "where is the bathroom?" so that was nice!  They also tried to set up my brothers with their single daughter.  They were disappointed to hear that both my brothers are married.

Korea has these places that are generally called "love motels" - they're cheap for one night, so they're a good option for one person.  This is the one I've stayed in the past week while I've waited for my apartment to be vacant.  It's called "Best Motel," and don't you forget it.  

They make sure you know that it's Clean.  With a wall plaque.  Next to the front door.  Shouldn't that be a given for a place you're paying to stay...?

 This is my room.  Notice the swanky velvet wall panel.  One of the rooms had a crushed velvet couch, which made me squirm a little.  They let me stay in the room with a table and chairs instead, which was a relief.

Here are the community toiletries.  The brushes freak me out... they're not new... other people have used them... and left their hair in them... uhh...?  The community toothpaste grosses my germ-o-phobe self out a lot too.  Using my own, thank you very much! 

 Here's my view of the street!  It's not bad :)


  So this is where I've lived for the past week, but not for long!!  I get to move into my apartment tomorrow!  I've heard that the one I'm getting is small, but I can handle that.  I lived in the smallest sized room in Legett Hall for a year, with a roommate.  And thanks to Pinterest, I am pretty sure I can figure out some cute, temporary decorations within my budget!  I'll post pictures in a few weeks once I'm good and settled! I know yall are as excited as I am, right!?  ;)

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