Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brighton Field Trip #1

Well I have been on my first field trip with my kindergarteners!  On Friday, we went to the Naju Forest Institute, which has very little to offer, so the whole field trip amounted to walking around, looking at trees and plants, and playing games.  My Korean (who teaches in Korean) co-teacher and I were jointly in charge of Libra class (Virginia and Montana).  It was great to hang out with my kiddos for a day in their native language, for the most part.  I'd talk to them in English, of course, but they spent most of the day in Korean.  It was very relaxing for everyone!  I noticed that most things on field trips translate well without understanding the language.  For example,  "Look at those trees" (check).  "Sit down, please!" (check).  "Let's go over here" (check).  Field trip games also cross international boundaries really seamlessly.  I had a great time, and I know that the kids did too! 

Here are some pics :)

 Yeahh we're going on a field trip!

We're so excited!!

We're here!!!
Look at those trees.

Here's a pond with big ol' tadpoles in it

Right after this pic, G. (the one crouching and leaning over) fell in :-/

Walking around, looking at trees

More walking, more looking at trees.


No PB&J on this field trip.  The kids bring home-made gimbap!!  
(Notice the children's chopsticks with finger holds, to teach proper chopstick management)

And then every single kid gives the teacher bites :)  

Post-lunch games

Bus ride home :)

 We were exhausted!

And we love field trips :)

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