Monday, April 9, 2012

Random English Mondays

Oh no!  I've been sick this week, so my brain isn't firing on all cylinders!  So much so that I almost forgot to post my Random English Monday post!  It's Tuesday morning now, but it's still Monday at home so I'm just in time...  whew!  (thanks for the reminder, Mom!)

This is a Thoughtful gift bag, so that you can be sure that the gift inside is indeed a Thoughtful gift.  If you want to be clear, so that there isn't any confusion, so that no one wonders if it's just a regular gift, with this bag your gift recipient can be sure that they have received a Thoughtful gift. 

There's some French on the bag as well, describing two flowers from the garden of love or something.  My French isn't good enough to translate past that, but I'd be willing to bet that it's as entertaining as most of the English I find. 

Happy Monday, everyone!  I'll be on time for next week, promise.

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