Monday, April 16, 2012

Random English Mondays

It's that time again!  I promised I'd be on time this week, and here I am :)  

Walking around Lotte Mart is always good for REM inspiration.  There are just so many random English phrases out there!  Today's post comes from a mug found at said Lotte Mart, and a friend who was with me liked it so much that she bought it. 

It says,

"What do you like some?"

"I like some grass... moo... grass... grass..."

It also makes me smile cause, you know, many/most of my students last year were at ALC for 'grass' of another kind.   Shout out to my ALC students! 

The mug also features a teddy bear and a cow.  They're cute :)

Have a great Monday, yall!

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