Monday, May 7, 2012

Brighton Field Trip #2

This past Saturday was Children's Day, which is a neat holiday here in Korea.  Usually, kids (and TEACHERS!) get the day off school, but since it was on a weekend, no such luck this year. 

Anyway, to sorta prep for Children's Day, we had an extra field trip this month!  They're usually on the 3rd Friday of a month, so this was pretty neat.  We went to an English Village near Gwangju.  It's basically a pseudo-town, like one would find at a theme park, with fake stores and things to sight-see, and it's all in English.  I didn't think anything of it at first, other than that it felt a little like a summer camp program.  There were staged activities like "baking" (my kids never received their decorated cookies!!  what a gyp!), a magic show, and a chance to play with a fire hose and fire extinguishers next to a "119" firetruck.  The Korean emergency response number is opposite of our emergency phone number in the USA, which is 911.  I think that's funny :) 

Once my kids walked into the little play Supermarket, I realized how different this place was for them!  The signs were all in English!  The money was all US Dollars!  What just seemed like a 'normal' pretend store to me was completely different than any pretend store they'd ever played in.  THAT is what made the uniqueness of this little English village click for me. 

All in all, it was a cute little village, even if the folks running the show didn't expect 240 kiddos (and thus seemed a little disorganized for much of the day). 

I really like field trip days.  Here are some pics!

On the left - yeah she makes that face at me a lot :/

"Magic" show
One of my boys got to be a volunteer :)

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