Friday, May 25, 2012

If you're moving to South Korea soon (Part II)

I had another idea about things that I was curious about about before I moved!

I wondered if I'd be able to continue watching my favorite TV shows from over here.  I got absolutely HOOKED on Once Upon a Time last fall and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to finish Season 1 until I got home NEXT YEAR.  Hulu doesn't work over here, nor does Netflix (unless you've got the proxy thingy that tricks the internet into believing you're still in the US)  Luckily, there are plenty of *technically* illegal sites that let you stream shows on your computer, so I got to watch Once Upon a Time every week. (How about that finale??  Can't wait for Season 2!)

If you're moving over here and want to keep up with your favorite tv shows, just ask your co teachers or the other expats in your area and they'll hook you up.  I'm not gonna post details just in case the websites get in trouble and taken down or something.  I just wanted to post that it's possible, so don't fret!  Now, if Hulu and Netflix ever get their act together and go international, no one will have to break the law.  But if there's not a legal way to watch it... well, don't judge.

My TV also has about 6 stations that play in English (with Korean commercials) and they're usually playing episodes of CSI or Bones.  My friends up in Gimpo get The History Channel, but it's the British one, so they're catching up on lots of British history.  I hardly turn my TV on, 1) cause after a day of crazy kindergarteners, I like the quiet, and 2) cause I usually watch my shows on my laptop.  When I do turn my TV on, if I'm not watching CSI, I watch Korean news sometimes, and I really like watching soccer and baseball games, cause the language barrier doesn't matter much with sports!  I think it's cool listening to the colors in Korean, anyway.  There are lots of Korean dramas that are VERY popular, but I'm not hooked on any in particular.  Maybe I will do that later.  I like the one that's set in ancient Korea, when I catch it, but like I said, I don't turn on my TV very often. 

American movies also regularly come out over here, but they don't come out on the same day as at home or usually run as long in theaters as back home.  I was super geeked up for The Hunger Games and had to wait a couple of weeks after it premiered in the US to watch it on the Big Screen here, but Avengers came out here before it premiered in the US, go figure.  The movies are in English, with Korean subtitles, so it's a very normal movie watching experience for westerners.  You can also watch movies on your laptop from the streaming sites that I mentioned before. Expats love to go to the movies together, so it's nice to have a evening once in a while with a good Hollywood movie. 

The end!

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