Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random English... Tuesday.

Oops, totally forgot yesterday was Monday, apparently!

I thought about skipping this week's post, but decided against it.  My thought process went like this:  "I have so many pictures to post!  What if I run out of weeks to post all the things that make me laugh?  I shouldn't skip a week, I should just post it late."

So here you are, folks, Random English Tuesday with a Random English Toilet Seat. 

It says "Innocent of Lily"

The type below says "Thirst is long-lasting and the hillside twisting; but a lily can endure our gaze"

'What is that doing on a toilet seat?' you may be wondering.  The crazy thing is, I don't think it's strange to see stuff like this on toilet seats or toothbrush holders or soap dishes anymore.  This is apparently a brand of bathroom products, with other flowers filling out the merchandise.  It's everywhere!  I even sent my parents a trashcan with shiny flowers on it for their birthday :):)  If you want a flowered Random English soap dish sent your way in a care package, you know the drill, just send me one and I'll return the favor!

Can I tell you something else?  The random English on everything has become so normal that I don't notice it nearly as much as I did 3 months ago.  [Quick aside:  can you believe it's been 3 months???] 

Have a great Tuesday, y'all!

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