Sunday, May 6, 2012


Driving, or, riding, rather, is a scarey thing in this country.  North Korea threatening to demolish Seoul to ashes?  Doesn't make anyone bat an eyelash.  Riding in a cab to go downtown?   AHHHH!!!!  HOLD ON FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

See, traffic rules in South Korea are "more what you call 'guidelines' than actual rules..."  (eh!? eh? anyone? anyone??  Pirates??  See this clip that I've conveniently linked here for the reference!)

Taxi drivers over here watch tv while they drive.  And talk on the phone.  And some even turn around try to engage their foreign passenger in limited conversation.  Which are all important when your goal is to safely get your cargo from Point A to Point B.

Right.  Or not. 

Keep you eyes on the road, no distractions, all those good things that we're taught in driver's ed... not important at all. 

But seriously... they watch tv while they drive. I even sneaked a picture. 

Combine that with a lack of regard for traffic rules and regulations and it makes a girl feel real safe.

Yeah.  Real safe.

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