Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welcome to the world, Zoey/Technology all over the world!

How incredible is technology?

Drum roll please....  Tonight, my baby niece was born.  RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU'RE EXCITED ABOUT THAT!!!  *RAISES HAND!!!!!*  Welcome to the world, Zoey Ann!

I have been obsessively checking facebook all day and keeping my phone near me as much as possible cause yesterday was her due date.  Sure enough, I first got wind of her arrival on my aunt's facebook status, so I called my mom to find out the details!  Even though it was past 2 am, I knew she'd be awake if she's hanging out with Aunt Sara, cause they're major night owls, PLUS if her newest granddaughter was just born, of COURSE she'd be awake!  So, I used skype to call her cell phone.  Awesome, right?  2 cents a minute from South Korea.  Love love love it.  

So then, I'm still on facebook and I see that my sister-in-law has posted a pic of her with the new baby, and tell mom and Aunt Sara that it's posted, they go look, comment, all that jazz, and we all sit in wonder that we're channeling all this information IMMEDIATELY from North Carolina (where Jessie, Zeb, big-bro-Zander, and new-baby-Zoey live), to South Korea (where I am), to Houston (where they are), back to North Carolina (where Jessi, Zeb, Zander, and Zoey live). 

Facebook, Skype, I love y'all.  So very much.  I'm starting to feel that annoying thing called "Culture Shock" and it just makes such a difference to have loving family on the other side of a cheap phone call or free skype call, whom I can easily facebook stalk for up-to-the-minute updates.  Sweet sweet technology!

Speaking of sweet, here's the pic of my beautiful sister-in-law Jessica and ah-dorable new niece Zoey!  (And doesn't Jessi look unbelievable?)

Can't wait to meet you, little one! <3

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