Thursday, September 13, 2012

How teaching in Korea in the summer is a lot like working at camp

There is practically no air conditioning anywhere outside of your cabin apartment and your classroom.

You walk everywhere cause you don't have a car.

You start to forget what driving feels like.

You go to the lake or river beach as often as possible cause the heat is glorious! And at the beach you apply lots of sun screen and still incur a (lovely) light burn (aka a lot like Free Swim at camp)

You completely stopped trying to wear makeup other than mascara cause you sweat it all off anyway.

You're surrounded by little kids all the time!!!

You absorb a billion hugs a day and get weird illness that are only associated with working with little kids.

Your social scene is made up of other generally-like-minded people around your age who are also all surrounded by kids all day, so you swap stories about your campers students.

...and then one day, a little too soon for your taste, the weather starts to turn cool.  And you realize that summer is... sigh... ending.  

Welcome, autumn, I've never really met you, but I've heard about you.  I hope you live up to your reputation for beauty and awesomeness.

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