Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Brighton Kindergarten had our Halloween Theme Day last Friday.  It felt weird not dressing up today, too, but we did a LOT of that already!

The monthly birthday party assembly included a Halloween Parade too... guess who got to emcee?  That'd be me!  I was mega-hoarse, though, so Megan emceed with me!  It was cute seeing all the little punkins dressed in their costumes.  If I had counted, I bet we would have had around 215 princess, 30 power rangers, 25 wizards/magicians, 20 Supermen, 15 Batmen, and then miscellaneous other costumes.  My students did pretty well, as you'll see :)  In addition to the princesses and superheroes, I had a Harry Potter (Henry Potter, if you will...cause his name's Henry), a matador, knight, ninja, bride, a witch, and devil.  Well done, kids!

We had a haunted house and a bunch of Halloween games that I found on Pinterest.  I love (flippin' LOVE) holidays, so I had so much fun planning and then actually getting to do all of the activities with my co-teachers and students!

Florida Class

Deborah and me! (with Alice lurking in the back)

Red Carpet Parade

ALL of my Florida girls were princesses

Henry Potter

Two Supermen



Life's hard when you're a princess

Libra class trick-or-treating!

5 pink princesses

2 purple princesses

2 Belles and a Snow White

and a bride and a witch

2 Cinderellas

Looks like a bridal portrait 

Matador, ninja, knight


Snow White and Belle!  My twins are too presh. 

Making pumpkins

I just want to squish that face!

Pop the Pumpkin Patch

They had to pop the balloons and read the trick-or-treat paper on the inside, like get a piece of candy or hug your teacher (talk about a trick!)

And then there was one.

Michelle helping with the actual popping process - it was tougher than it looks

His paper got him a kiss from teacher!  :-*

Witch's Stew game

Vacuum up a ghoul or critter...

...race to the basket for your team...

...whichever team has the most ingredients in their basket wins!


Celine was a taekwando/Psy combo

The kids LOOOOOOOVE Gangnam Style (that's worth a whole nother blog post)

Op op op op op

Here's Lina dancing!  She does Gangnam Style every chance she gets.  I'll be introducing new vocab or passing out pencils and there she goes, jumping up in front of the class, doing the lasso.  This kid is a live wire.  She never sits still, but she's still so cute.  (Sorry the video cuts out in the middle - I dunno what happened :/ )

And then the boys were kicked out of the classroom so that the girls could change out of their costumes for their afternoon classes.  I had fun interviewing the boys in the hallway :)

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