Monday, October 8, 2012

Random English Monday - Japan Edition

Sooooo last week I was in Japan (!!!!) and I completely missed Monday... and every single day after that, apparently!  I really try to post at least 2 entries a week, so that I get the whole year documented (for family and friends and posterity and all), but last week was kinda crazy!  I'll be posting a bit about the trip to Japan as soon as I can, but to make up for last week's MIA Random English Monday, I've gathered a BUNCH of Random English that we found while in Japan.

So we went to Nara to see the deer and there are all these pamphlets for walking tours with FANTASTIC English translations!

Before and after Walking, Let's practice Stretch (Love the arbitrary capitalization, don't you?)

Let's strain ourselves and walk at your pace (??)

Let's drinks liquids, even if it does not feel thirsty (cause the liquids get thirsty if we don't drinks them?)

If you feel Pain and Bad condition on your body, please stop the performance (and wait for applause)

Please follow Traffic Rules and be careful for safety. (Let's keep to the right!) (Traffic Rules is a proper noun now)

I just love it

Please, just, enjoy this as much as I do.  Who needs yoga when you have this guide?

This ice cream isn't cold, it's only cool...ish

Oh, Mr. Leonardo Dicaprio ate here while he was promoting "Inception Movie"?  I MUST BUY AN ICE POP NOW!
(Best advertisement ever.)

"In our store, you can enjoy the highest grade tea ceremony dieshes cuisine in the reasonably priced. Just coming on"

Perhaps my personal favorites... Japan likes to discourage smoking in some creative ways.  For example, if you're smoking, at least throw away your butts!  Don't make other people do sweaty work for you.  

By the way, a lit cigarette is carried at the height of a child's face.  So, you know, if cancer isn't enough to make you quit, DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!!!

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