Monday, October 22, 2012

Random English Monday

I am not late with this post this week!!  (Mostly cause I wrote it on Friday and scheduled it to post on Monday.  It's a winning strategy)


How about some of my favorite t-shirts today?

Notice the diamond on the left shoulder?  That says British.  This is a British Texas College t-shirt.  And I love it.  

Houston, we have a problem... with English.
But do you notice the ASTRODOME in the mix??  What what!

You are my sweet song
and you are a lonely melody
The girl who has many pink dreams
I have dreams and hope 

That's right you are.  

And they're sorta the right colors and EVERYTHING!  

Happy MONDAY!!!


  1. Where did you see the Carolina Panthers shirts? I would love to find one of those. :)

  2. Sorry, Heather, I swear I replied to this but it didn't post! I found it at Home Plus, of course!