Friday, November 16, 2012

A kinder lesson on grammar

So, last week I got to teach my Florida class the difference between "Someone and I" and "Someone and me."

This rule pretends to be difficult but is really quite simple.

I mean, there are college-educated adults who have spoken English their whole lives who don't understand this basic rule of English.  It's very irritating if you're a grammar nerd.  (Spelling?  Not so much.)


The basic rule goes: if you delete the other person, would the sentence make sense?  

So there I am, teaching my special sevens, when little Henry, sweet, adorable, aggressive, punches the other students and makes teachers angry, lovable Henry, made my freaking day.  We'd done a few examples together in their workbook, then I explained the rule as you can see above.

Henry says,

"Ohhh, that makes sense!"


( ^ o ^ )



Seriously!  "Oh, that makes sense???" -- you beautiful boy!  Please help teach everyone else who should know this rule but likely don't use it properly!

And now, some examples for your viewing edification.


1.  John and I went to the store.  ----->  I went to the store.  

     Yes, that still makes sense, so it's "John and I."

2.  Marisa and me walked to Angel-in-us.  ----->  Me walked to Angel-in-us. 

     No, that's ridiculous.  Fix it.  (Angel-in-us is the name of a coffee shop, btw!)

3.  Becky met Marisa and me there.  ----->  Becky met me there.  

     Yes, though it sounds strange, that is correct.

4.  Could you send a copy of that to Anna and I?  ----->  Could you send a copy of that to I?

     NOOOOOO please don't do it!  You shouldn't send it to Iiiiiii, you should send it to meeee!!!  "Could you send a copy of that to me?" becomes "Could you send a copy of that to Anna and me?"


So, please, for the love of all things grammar, take note of this simple rule and these examples and agree with Henry, because, oh, it makes sense.  

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