Monday, November 26, 2012

You wish you were in my kitchen right now.

I got an oven last Thursday.  It talks to me in Korean.  I usually have no idea what it's saying, but it's very polite!

I've had a toaster oven for several months, but oh man, I don't know how I made it so long without a proper oven!  Since it made its debut in my kitchen, I've baked four batches of cornbread, a berry pie, and three batches of pumpkin bread.  In four days.

Don't judge me.  I can stop anytime I want.

(and I had two Thanksgiving potlucks this weekend.)


You wish you were in my kitchen right now.  Pumpkin and cinnamon and vanilla.... holy freaking mess it smells great.  You're welcome, everyone in my building, especially the ones I work with cause you'll see some treats in the office tomorrow!

This is gonna make the holidays feel much closer to normal, for being overseas.  Whoop whoop whoooooooop!!!!!

(If you want to support my little addiction over here, you can send me care packages of baking stuff through really easily!  Just email me for links and make my day :):) )

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