Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Well we are coming up on the end of 2012!!  It's been QUITE A YEAR, am I right?  Man... 12 months ago, I was still working in Cy-Fair ISD with my amazing ALC/SAC thugs.  It's hard to believe just how much changes in a year!  Stay tuned for what's going to go down in the next 12 months.  If I know anything, I know it will be pretty epic.  That's just how life goes these days.

Last year, I made a new year's resolution to read the Bible in one year.  I've been reading the Bible most of my life (a verse here, a chapter there), but there were still some books that I hadn't made it through, and all my attempts to start in Genesis and just read straight through had never panned out.  I'd get into Leviticus and just... no... fail... stop.  I decided to find a solid reading plan and actually stick to it this time, and since I knew I'd struggle through the Law books, I sought out a plan that would give me some Old Testament AND New Testament readings on the same day, so that when I'd be reading about mold on the walls in Deuteronomy, I would also read some of the Gospels on the same day.  

I found this incredible plan online [Click the link for the pdf here] that actually goes through the Bible in chronological order!  It was AWESOME!!!!  It took me by surprise the first time it jumped out of Book Order - right in the middle of Genesis, my plan took me to Job!  Well, I didn't know this, but Job actually lived during the time of the Patriarchs!  So you read about Abraham, then Job, then Issac and Jacob, and so on and so forth.  It also places the Psalms in accordance with their historical connections.  For example, you read about David in the cave with Saul, then you read the Psalm that he wrote in that moment.  When you get into Acts and start reading about Paul's life, it takes you back and forth to Paul's Epistles for each of his missionary journeys. IT. IS. AMAZING.  I really can't recommend it enough!  I learned SO MUCH about the Word through this reading plan!  Just the historical context around the Babylonian Exile, too, which I just finished - you bounce around the prophets and Ezra and Esther and Nehemiah... it's great.  Can I say that again?  It's GREAT.  

I am actually on track to FINISH on time, too!  There were many many times this year that I'd be, oh, 20 days behind (or more... I'd stop counting), and there were only about 3 days that I actually read what I was supposed to read on the day I was supposed to read it!  (Maybe discipline isn't exactly my strongest area... practice practice practice) It's ok, though, cause you only read about 4 chapters each day, so if I had a good Saturday morning, I could catch up on a bunch of days that I'd missed.  I finally caught up this week and TODAY I actually read the Word for December 30!  Woohooo!!  

If you are making a Bible-in-a-year New Year's Resolution, you might ought to czech it out!  Here's the link again if you're interested!  (click it... you know you want to!) And here are some other reading plans if you don't fancy an OT/NT plan.  

This year, I can't decide what to do for a new year's resolution.  Maybe I'll set a goal to run a 5K this spring.  Maybe I'll make a plan to read Les Miserables (cause HOW GOOD WAS THAT FILM ADAPTATION????)  Hmmm maybe both of those!  

What are yall thinking of doing?  

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