Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Well I spent an awesome evening with my dear friend, Amy, having dinner and drinking wine and talking history, sociology, and global politics.  We didn't do a dang thing that we set out to do when we planned our get together, but it was a beautiful evening!  Then on the way out to catch a cab so I could get some sleep before work tomorrow, we encountered the most beautiful thing...

Y'all, it was SNOWING outside!  I'm talking huge, fluffy, white clouds of frozen stuff!  IT WAS EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Y'ALL!!!  I have never been so excited about snow!  I've seen it before, once or twice... I mean, I've been on a couple of ski trips to Colorado and I even saw it snow once in Houston.  Oh yeah, and that one time in College Station when my friends got caught by the police for throwing snowballs off the roof of the church (but I didn't cause I had a paper due the next day and didn't get to play with them).  But this was SO DIFFERENT!

For starters, it was EVERYWHERE!  It was falling in all directions, hitting us in the face!  It had been raining when we walked from the gimbap nara to her flat, so the transformation was just staggering!  White sheets of beautiful covering cars and streets.  Snow sticking to our hair and jackets as soon as we walked out into the cold.

The knowledge that this is only the beginning is super exciting.  There are 3 months of winter yet.  This won't even be my only snowfall this year (in contrast with the two times that I've seen snow in all my years in Texas).  I'm intoxicated with giddy-snow-ness!  You can pinch me later, but for now I'm amaaaazed.  We had to walk for a while to find me a cab, but that meant we got to walk in the snow for a while, so it was pretty exciting!  The whole cab ride back, I just marveled at the night's beauty.  My cab driver was precious and we chit-chatted in our limited way (my chokum Korean and his broken English) about how beautiful the snow is.

I tell you, I think this whole "snow" thing ...maybe it's more beautiful because I live here.  The other times I've seen streets and cars white with snow have been on vacation in a different state.  In my area of Texas, the snow never stuck longer than a few hours.  Knowing that this is my home now, these are my streets, that's my park covered in this frozen beauty... it's cool.

It's snowing.  It's SNOWING.  I live in a place with snow.  And it's normal, for the first time in my life.  People know how to drive in it.  School probably won't be cancelled.  People dress appropriately for the freezing temperatures.  This is awesome.  Now I really have to get some sleep, but I had to write about it before the busyness of tomorrow gets in the way.  Goodnight!  (Please remind me that I was this excited once the "new" wears off and I get sick of it... for now I'm high on happiness!!  GUYS!  IT'S SNOWING!!!)

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