Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter. Ugh.

It's no secret that I've never handled cold well.  It's also no secret that Texas has really mild winters, especially in the Houston area.  Not that it never freezes, but since it only freezes (maybe) a couple of times a month, the news outlets remind you 100 times to wrap your pipes and bring your dogs inside and cover your plants.  It'll freeze one night, then have a high of 70 the next day.  Ah, Texas.  The usual.

So this has been my frame of reference for winter my whole life.  One day of freezing, 5 days of warm, 3 days of cold, 5 days of chilly, 2 days of warm, then a FREEZE SNAP with some sleet and a liiiiittle bit of ice on the road, so they cancel school and NO ONE remembers how to drive.

And so, with that, I fully expected to hate winter in Korea.  [For those of you who haven't checked a map with latitude lines, Korea's not in Southeast Asia, it's really far north.  South Korea has the same kind of weather as Washington D.C.  It is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  COLD.  Example: The Chosin Reservoir Battle in the Korean War had more casualties due to the extreme cold than your average battle wounds. (Boom.  You just got history teachered.)]

I have actually been pleasantly surprised by how much I haven't hated it.  All last month, I was busy with exciting holiday stuff coming up and didn't get down about the weather.  It even snowed a few times!  When it freshly snows, it's beautiful outside.  Even the gross trash piles on the street look nicer covered in snow.

Right?? Ok it's not exactly beautiful, but this is prettier than it was hours before. 
For the first time ever, I'm getting to play around with winter fashion!  At home, we'd dress semi-winter-y and then be either too hot or too cold all day, cause the weather never cooperates with your outfit (unless you check the weather forecast every five minutes, and even then you're probably going to be wrong. LAYERS, right?).  Here, I can just assume it'll be freaking cold and throw on some seriously warm outfits, long johns and all.  So that's kinda cool.  I've worn things I've never had a real reason to wear at home, like faux sheep fur vests and giant earmuffs and leg warmers and winter boots galore.  So that's been kinda fun.


But now, the holidays are over.  Last time it snowed, the snow just turned to slick ice that made me fall on my way to work.  And it stays frozen for EVER cause it's always cold and the temps don't rise enough to melt it quicly.  I'm not even phased or excited when I walk outside and there's a little flurry going on.  It's just a flurry.  Whatevs.

Now, I'm just about sick of the cold.  This week has actually been a little warmer than all last month, but it's still cold.  The ice is slowly starting to melt, but still.  I know it's just gonna happen again next time it snows.  January, I'm over you.

Yesterday, I pretended to be on a beach.  If I just closed my eyes, it felt close.  I cranked up my electric blanket, jammed to Jimmy Buffett, poured myself a fruity drink.  And then I tweeted about it.  Insane, right?  Right.  Welcome to my life.

Winter was fun for about a month.  Three is overkill.

I took a poll.  Everyone agreed.  Winter, it's time for you to be done.  Spring, hurry the hell up.  Thanks.  That is all.

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