Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dunkin Donuts

Korea does Dunkin Donuts better than any franchise I have seen in the US.  It's a really popular chain here and they're found everywhere.  It's also delicious :)  Their menu is also very different than anything you'll ever see in America 

Doesn't it look classier than any Dunkin you've ever seen?  That one across the street from China Delight (on HW105 near the loop) in Conroe looks so shabby compared to this! 

Czech out those plasma screens - seriously??

Here's my buzzer to let me know when my bacon, egg, and cheese ciabatta is ready :)

If you want to know more about how awesome Dunkin Donuts is in Korea, Simon and Martina over at Eat Your Kimchi have done a great post with a couple videos.  If you want to know about how weird some of the donut flavors are (like sweet potato flavored with black sesame seeds or black sugar tofu), I suggest you watch this one: 

Sweet potato is a crazy-popular flavor in Korea.  It kinda put me off at first, but now I sorta love it.   All sorts of things have grown on me.  Kimchi.  Drinking coffee through stir sticks.  Making Korean agreement-sounds during conversations.  Etc.  

So yeah!  That's a good overview of Dunkin Donuts.  My parents liked it when they were visiting.  It was pretty much the only thing open when we would start out from the hotel in search of food, so we ate breakfast there once or twice.  

The end!  

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