Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Florida Class Talent Show - Installment #1

I mentioned yesterday in this post that I'd be posting the scripts for talent show over the next several days.

Today I'll start with some of Florida's script.

Here you'll meet the Wolf (from The Three Little Pigs) and Goldilocks (as in, and the Three Bears).  Brant and Cecil do a super-cute job!  Anna Teacher has changed a few lines and added some dance moves due to time restraints on our class's allotted show time, but here is the original idea!

Wolf (3 Little Pigs) and Goldilocks (3 Bears) [Brant and Cecil]

Wolf – Hello Goldilocks, you look frightened!  What is wrong?

Goldilocks – Those three bears scared me half to death!  All I wanted was a nice relaxing weekend away!  I got the address wrong!  I thought I was going to a nice, quiet bed and breakfast, tucked back in the woods.  The cabin was cute and the porridge was just right.  I had just settled in for a quiet nap when the bears stomped into the room and woke me up!  I was so scared! They wouldn't even let me explain that I was on vacation. 

Wolf – That sounds terrible.

Goldilocks – It was!  I can’t even get a refund for my weekend.  How was your weekend?

Wolf – It was horrible.  I have had a terrible head cold all week, so I’ve been huffing and puffing night and day.  I saw some new neighbors move in down the street, so I went over to welcome them to the neighborhood and invite them to dinner, but then I started sneezing!  I accidentally knocked down two of their houses!  Who makes houses out of straw and sticks, anyway?  

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