Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back in the land of gimbap

Well, I'm back!

It was a great visit at home in Texas and now I'm back at home in Jeonju.  2 quite different homes, each one dear to me.

I spent a ton of great quality time with my family, had as many friend-dates as I could squeeze in, spent WAY too much money at Target, helped my brother's family move out of their old house, went on the best vacation in the contiguous USA with extended family and friends, helped my brother's family move into their new house, saw Wicked for the 4th time, and I'm pretty sure I ate EVERYTHING IN AMERICA. (Srsly...shorts that were a little loose when I left for the States are tight now. Time for another 5K, yes? But worth it. Yum.)

I learned that road trips with an 11 year old are much easier than road trips with a 6 year old. Duh.

My dog has grown up and chilled out as much as I have. I wish I could bring him over to Korea, but Dad insists that he's too big for my apartment (and I secretly think Dad couldn't part with his dumb dog). Percy the Wonder Dog.

Driving in the USA was a hoot, too. I forgot what power steering and power brakes felt like, and my right hand kept reaching for the stick only to find a cup holder. I got used to it, of course, and then back here in Korea I stalled my poor car as soon as I got it in gear. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Babies grow super fast. My nephew Abraham grew a lot in the month I was there and, boy howdy, do I have plenty of photo evidence to prove it! He's such a cute Ham. Hamster. Hammy Ham. Hamsome. Ham and Cheese. Honey Ham.

Leaving for the airport was completely different than my first departure for Korea. The first drive was filled with apprehension and, yes, excitement, but the wary kind that has no idea what to expect. I knew the year would hold great things, but I was a little scared of all the change, as I suspect most people would be.

The drive to IAH a few days ago was bittersweet. I filled my time at home making great memories, and I was sad to leave the ones I love, but this plane ride would take me back to another community that I love, my independence, my apartment with my own bed waiting. Less uncertainty this time. No sketchy love motel waiting for a wide-eyed novice.

24 hours and 2 layovers later, I was back in the Republic of Korea. The land of gimbap.

Ham, 4 months old
Dad, in his natural state of being. 
11 year old, Ethan, reading in the backsteat while we drove to camp. 
World's greatest panini and Texas Tea! 

6 year old, Abby Snail, pouting away. BAHAHAHA. 

Have yourself a Blue Bell Country Day.


4th time and still amazing! 

Sunset on Lake Conroe

Percy, trying to get me to feed him from the grill. He's all like, "I can has snack 2 plz??"

Where'd all my money go???
Ham, 5 months old
Tay Nay and Zay Ray


PS. My first meal back in Korea? Gimbap and Kimchi. Done and done. I'm home <3

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