Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sometimes you need a little crazy


...did you hear that? 

...guys... listen... there it is again...




Tonight I went running for the first time in weeks! I'm getting ready for a zombie apocalypse 5k this weekend. So, if you saw a girl running along the river in Jeonju tonight, sprinting (and maybe screaming) periodically, that was me. It's gonna be awesome. Who knows if I'll actually run/jog the whole time, cause I'm a big fan of walk/running, but I'm betting that being chased is going to be pretty effective motivation ;) 

It was a lot of fun being silly-crazy, especially when I ran past the normal Korean exercisers, pretending zombies were chasing me while they did their usual evening workouts on the stationary machines. 

I know it's a little crazy, but... 

...ya know? Sometimes you need a little crazy.  


In other news (or maybe correlation/causation-type news), midterm exams are next week. My students are crazy stressed with their major classes and haven't studied much English, so my classes have been full of quiet, confused students (quiet is *not* the goal in a conversation class).  I want to poke some of my students in the eyeballs (or maybe poke my own eyes out) in response. I've been prepping exam questions and writing up materials to help my students study and practice conversations. It's pretty disheartening when you spend time making sample exam questions for them, then you get to class and they have no idea how to answer questions like "What do you do for lunch?" "Do you like to eat foreign food?" and "What's your favorite sport?" even though we've talked about this for weeks, you guys!! 

Princess/Professor Zara might have been a brat to a class today. (You can probably substitute another b-word for brat...) But really? It's not my job to give you a good grade. I cannot make you study. No studying? No talking? You will fail. F grade. 

**Some of my students are great. They try hard, they practice, they speak to the best of their ability, and they make my heart soar. Unfortunately, many, many of them have not opened their books all year. Most of them have taken English for 10 years or more. Oh, Korea. You're ranked #1 in money spent on English instruction and #121 in actual English language proficiency.** 

Ugh. I think most of the boring planning and organization stuff is over for this week. I have 4 more classes to review, then exams start on Monday. My advanced class is writing dialogs for this round of exams. I usually love what my students come up with, especially when they make me laugh. They're pretty creative! The rest of my classes are going to have one-on-one speaking tests. I'm nervous for them cause more often than not, they're terrified to actually speak to me. I'll ask a question like "So, what did you do this weekend?" and they look at me with big deer-in-the-headlights eyes and say nothing. Bless them... I don't bite! 


All that has made me a little frazzled this week. And being a little frazzled makes me act a little crazy. Then I go running and pretend zombies are chasing me and make cute old Korean ladies laugh. 

Sometimes, it's nice to be a little crazy.


Zombie face created at :)

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  1. I must show this to Jim! You and he must have the same classes to teach!! :)