Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Library Bulletin Boards

School's back! School's back!! I had the best summer ever (I'll post about my epic travels when things slow down a little), but it is really good to get back to my domain here in Seoul. I returned to a disheveled library, 300 new books to barcode and enter, and a 5 boxes of textbooks to organize and get to the teachers ASAP before school starts on Thursday. I pretty much went straight from the airport to the school, only stopping for about an hour at my new apartment to drop off my bags. I rolled up my sleeves and tidied up a little, then got to work on the mountain of books. I pretended not to notice that ALL THE BOOKS ARE OUT OF ORDER. I will force ask my library club (minions) to alphabetize them next week :):):)

We had orientation today. The elementary kids and parents came this morning and it was nice to see new adorable faces, but I tell you what - when those middle school and high school kids came with their parents for the afternoon orientation I was like MY BABIES! I MISSED YOU! HOW WAS YOUR SUMMER! ARE YOU GOING TO BE IN LIBRARY CLUB???? ...I am clearly not an elementary teacher. Secondary kids, I heart you. 

In celebration of the new school year, I present to you bulletin boards! This is one of my favorite parts of my job. I get to make bad puns and be crafty at the same time! Sometimes my kiddos help. One day I asked the kids in detention to make leaves for my "Poet-tree" and they said it was their favorite detention ever. Oops. 

These are my boards from last spring. (I meant to actually post this in the spring, but I got distracted and busy and then I was off jet-setting around the world all summer and la la la. So it didn't happen. But now it is!) I'm going to make ALL NEW BOARDS for this fall, but I haven't had a chance to work on them yet. I've been pinning a few ideas... such fun.

Here's to a new year in the library!

I *mustache* you to read!

Come on in! 

What time is it? 

Library rules via acrostic. 

It's a Poetry Tree... a "Poet-tree" if you will! 
*badum chink* 
(thank you, thank you, I'll be here all year)

A poem about trees to go with the Poet-tree

A messy board to balance the straight lines all around it 

We read a latte! 

The book covers are coffee mugs!! Get it?!?!?? 

The 2nd graders helped me make hands! 

Here's my desk set up

The 4th graders drew cyber-safety tips for the computer lab board. 

There are the beautiful stacks! They're getting really crowded these days. Time for more shelves! 

Thanks for visiting! 

I can't wait to update all my boards. I love that I get paid to do arts and crafts like this. 
Such fun, such fun. 

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