Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Best Day Ever: a journal exercise while subbing 1st grade

I know it's been a minute (aka a long freaking while) since I've blogged about anything, and I promise that I mean to write more often soon, but whathaveyou. There's been a lot going on this year and very little time to sit and process or update here. Some of it I really can't talk about, but other than that I've been really really busy. And Instagram posts are so much faster than blogging. And I've had mad writer's block when trying to compose my thoughts about my trip last summer and I've wanted to finish blogging about #5countries2seasons1zara before posting about anything more recent, but that might be a pipe dream. 


This morning I was subbing for a 1st grade class (because part of my job as a librarian includes subbing when teachers are out - there has been a lot of that lately) and they had an assigned journal to write about their BEST DAY EVER, so as I asked them to tell me about it, I prompted them with questions like "What would you do in the morning? At lunchtime? In the afternoon? At night?" Their answers ranged from going to a theme park and eating pizza with their friends to spending the day at a palace dancing with a prince. It got me thinking about my best day. What would make the best day ever for me; what do I want the most at this moment in time? It's kind of a fun exercise! It would be interesting to see how someone's "best day ever" changes as they age. I thought I might jot down some ideas for my day while the kids are eating their morning snack, so here it is!

After you read, I want to hear about your Best Day Ever, too! After a week like this, with everything happening in the world the past few weeks (Orlando, Stanford Justice, politics, refugees, etc.), we could all use a little imaginative happiness. So let's chat. 

Miss P's Journal Entry in Grade 1C, June 14, 2016
Tell me about your BEST DAY EVER. 
What would you do...

In the morning? 

On my best day ever, I would wake up with the sun in a house on the beach. I would stretch and smile, then leisurely make my way to the kitchen for a cup (or three) of really good, strong black coffee. I would sit on the back porch watching the waves with a close friend, reading a good book. After a good quiet time, I might take a walk. Bliss!

At lunchtime? 

At lunchtime on my best day ever, I would make a big lunch and invite family and friends over to my house on the beach. I'd probably make tacos, cause they're delicious and versatile, and set out all the fixings on the bar, then let everyone come and go through the kitchen and living room and porch, settling down wherever they want, talking and eating and laughing. There's a good chance I'd also make cheesecake brownies. Lunch would be pretty chill, and chill sounds perfect right now!

In the afternoon? 

In the afternoon on my best day ever, everyone would stick around, doing whatever brought them the most joy. Groups could come and go, spending quality time together or taking introvert time alone, alternately as the afternoon goes on. I would spend a while at the beach, reading and basking in the sun, working on my freckles, then shower and change to go hiking! We'd hike up to a series of waterfalls, each one more beautiful than the last, before making our way back to the beach house.

At night? 

As night falls on my best day, my friends and family will build a fire and spend the evening eating and talking (notice a theme: people and food all day long). Someone will have a guitar, of course, and we will have music and singing and maybe even dancing. The stars will come out and we'll finish my best day ever with the sound of waves crashing in the distance...

Ah. Perfect.

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