Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On the ground!!!!

I'm currently sitting in a warm glass box, waiting for my bus to Gwangju, using the airport's free wi-fi, and watching South Korean news on TV!  It's something like 35 degrees outside, but it will get warmer today, especially as I head south.  It may even rain this afternoon.  I've taken lots of pics already and I'll post them later but I wanted to throw a quick post up to let everyone know I'm safe and sound! 

13 hours is, indeed, a LONG flight.  I sat next to the cutest little Korean couple though, and they helped me practice my 5 Korean phrases, checking and correcting my pronunciation.  Precious!  They also wanted to know if I had any single brothers, cause they have a single daughter.  Haha. 

Love you all and I'll post again when I have internet next!



  1. Hey girl! So fun to read about your first week! Thought about you yesterday at yoga, we all mentioned you and a lady even asked for the blog b/c she wanted to follow you as well :) So funny about the motel walls!! OMG lol
    Look forward to following your amazing adventure! All the best!


  2. Thanks Tayyaba! Tell everyone I say hi :)