Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In Transit

Blog post 2/21/12

I’m not a fan of moving.  I don’t ever handle it well, even when it was an apartment-to-duplex style transition in college.  I hate packing up everything, I hate the stress of moving day, I get frustrated so easily with the whole deal and end up crying very frustrated tears while those who I coerced convinced – those who agreed to help me move finish wrapping my dishes and talk me down from my panicked, pathetic state.  

That didn’t happen this time!  I gave myself a deadline: be packed by Thursday night, then spend the rest of the weekend tying up loose ends.  That worked remarkably well!  My luggage was way overweight on Wednesday night, but by Saturday night I’d worked out the kinks in my system and ended up with two pieces at exactly 48 and 50 lbs. each.  WHEW!!!  

In the past few weeks, I had great weekends in Austin and Dallas/Ft. Worth to see old friends and family, then I had two going away dinners in The Woodlands for family once night and anyone who could show up the next day.  I got some GREAT quality time with so many people that I love dearly. 
I am so blessed, yall.  I have the most incredible support system back in Texas (and even a few pillars of love around the rest of the States).  That makes it sorta hard to leave, cause I already miss everyone terribly, but on the other hand, it is very encouraging.  I have so many people praying for my safety, for my ability to transition into teaching ESL/EFL kindergarten, for my Korean language acquisition, for my faith to grow as I encounter the spiritual revival in South Korea.  I have so many people to whom I can turn to Skype with as I get settled, I may not be able to fit everyone in! (This is due to the drastic time difference, which limits normal conversation time slots.)

I’m writing this post while I wait for my final flight to Seoul.  It’s Monday night, or Tuesday morning, and I’m sitting in Las Angeles International Airport (LAX), which inconveniently has no free Wi-Fi, or even any Wi-Fi that I can choose to pay for.  Therefore, I won’t get to post this until I’m actually on the ground in South Korea (unless the flight has Wi-Fi)(perhaps it will!) LAX is actually the most annoying airport I’ve ever been in.  They don’t have signage that tells you how to get to other terminals for your connecting flights.  Half of it is under construction.  AND they made me walk OUTSIDE and AROUND the airport to get to my connection, which meant I had to go through security AGAIN.  All my stuff had been rearranged in Houston once I passed through security, so that was a nuisance.  But, as I posted on facebook, all’s well that ends well.  I’m looking forward to the sweet 747 jet that I get to fly on over the Pacific, and I’m really looking forward to landing in Korea and starting my adventures!  

I’ll post again soon, thanks for listening! 

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