Friday, March 30, 2012

Tattle Telling

Tattling is one of my biggest pet peves!!  Oh no, someone broke a rule while the teacher wasn't looking?  What else is new, kids? 

Tattling knows no international boundaries, which is evident in my classroom every day.  I'm soo tired of hearing, "Teacher!  D. drew on her paper!" or "Teacher!  E. stuck out his tongue!" 

One of the first rules for English classes at my school is "No Speaking Korean," but sometimes they do anyway.  As the oldest classes, my students don't do it very often, so when I hear it I just give the offending student a look, point, and say "no Korean."  Easy enough. 

But, just as most 5-6 year olds do when they see or hear another kid breaking a rule, many of my students are quick to inform me that so-and-so broke this-or-that rule. 

I am sooo tired of hearing "Zara Teacher!  E. is speaking Korean!" "Teacher, D. speaking Korean!" "Teacher, K. is speaking Korean!"

One of the kids has gotten SO bad at this tattling nonsense that he's actually started tattling NONSENSE.  "Teacher, eraser speaking Korean!"  "Teacher, chair is speaking Korean!" 

My response to all this tattling is to confirm that we shouldn't be speaking Korean, but "if Zara Teacher doesn't hear it, don't tell on your friends.  You wouldn't like it if someone told on you.  No tattle-tale-ing.  [crosses fingers in an X to indicate 'no no']  'Tattle telling' is when you tell the teacher about something that someone else did that wasn't a big deal.  Don't be a tattle tale.  No tattle telling."  (I try to reenforce that telling important things and tattle-telling aren't the same thing - there are things that we need to tell adults, like when people could get hurt, etc.)

Next minute:  

"Teacher, D. speaking Korean!"  "Teacher, S. tattle taled!"




  1. This has to be my biggest pet peeve, too! Have you seen a Pin on Pinterest about the difference between tattling and reporting? It is really great for the days I sub where kids are bickering and just looking for trouble... ha! Maybe it would help in your classes?

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. You are truly inspiring, Zara:) I am such a homebody, I dont think I could immerse myself in another state, let alone country, without my momma.

  2. (Sorry this took me so long, Courtney, I thought I'd already replied!!)

    Yes I have! I love that pin! I should print it and hang it up somewhere... the language barrier might be too confusing though, hmm.

    Thank you so much for keeping up with me Courtney! It's definitely a struggle some days, but it's so rewarding to be over here, doing this ;) I'll be back home soon enough and when I am, I'll have some incredible memories.