Wednesday, June 13, 2012

30% Plagiarism - but I'll cite my source!

So I came across this gem today on and it was TOO GOOD to pass up!  I was gonna just link it to a post, but if you're like me, you hardly ever click on links on blogs, so I wanted to post a lot of it here.

Read on if you've ever wanted to know more about all this "Monopoly money" that we carry around over here in SK.

(I currently only have three 1,000 won bills (approx $2.50) and a handful of change in my wallet, but PAYDAY IS TOMORROW so I'll make it!!! Hooray!)

Oh yeah! Here is the link to the page where this post was actually written, and I just copy/pasted. Please don't think I am taking credit for anything unlawfully.  I have no credit.  Only shameless copy/pasting plagiarism skills.  (But according to all my history/education papers at A&M, it's not plagiarism if you cite!)

Get to Know The Faces You’ll See Everyday in Korea – Who’s on South Korean Money

If you’re in Korea, of course you’ll have to deal with South Korean won. You’ll use money pretty much every day you’re in Korea, and that means you’ll be seeing these faces everyday too. If you’re going to see someone everyday, you should at least get to know their names! Find out why these people are some of the most awesome people in Korean history!


50,000 won (bank note)

Shin Saimdang (신사임당)

The most recent addition to the Korean won banknotes is the only sexy lady to be on any South Korean bank note (just kidding, she wasn’t that sexy). Shin Saimdang was a calligraphist, poet, writer, artist among other awesome Korean things. But what she’s really known for is simply being a “good wife and wise mother.” No, seriously. She did all that awesome stuff that most women could only dream of doing, but back in the 1500’s, it was more important to be just that. Good thing she was good at that too because she mothered Yulgok, one of Korea’s greatest scholars and also the face of the 5,000 won South Korean bank note (see below). So if we go by blood that kindaaa means she’s on one and a half Korean bank notes. Yay for Korean moms!

EDITED: I'm not super comfortable with 100% plagiarism anymore, especially since this post gets a lot of hits from others who think the 500 won coin looks like a mockingjay (or thus sayeth the google search keywords that link to me!) so please read the rest of the article here! It's super info-tastic.

P.S. I think that the red crowned crane on the 500 won coin looks like a Mockingjay, don't you??


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  1. That was quite interesting. Now you can teach Korean history as well.