Monday, June 11, 2012

Random English Monday

Photos this week showcase my neat-o friends Courtney and Katherine, who are from Oregon, who I met on Jeju.  You've seen them on some of my blog post pics before.  We have fun :)

"Is a pleasin' sense of happiness for me"

"When it comes to memory, a lot like this"

(here's a close up for you)

I freaking love moustaches on stuff.  I know it's super trendy or hipster or whatever, but I can't help it.  They CRACK. ME. UP.  And every single time I see one, I say "I moustache you a question" -- usually out loud, but sometimes just in my head (for when people get tired of me saying it... every time)

This one even says "look at me," so I had to obey.

Have a great week!

(These pics also make an appearance in my Lantern Festival album on Facebook.)

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