Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's not Christmastime

All 3 of these pics have been snapped wellllll past the acceptable 'I-left-my-Christmas-decorations-up-too-long' stage. 

In January?  Sure, ok coffee shop, I guess it's ok to still have the reindeer on the counter, I'll even forgive the Christmas-y seasonal menu items, cause I love me some peppermint mocha come winter time. 

But I didn't live here in January.  I moved in late February.  So all of these pictures are very anachronistic.  Christmas decorations in March?  Christmas coffee items in April?  May?  And Christmas trees lining the pedestrain walkways in JUNE???  

Come ON people!  If you leave them out all year, how will we know to get super excited and over-spend our budgets come Advent season?? 


#iloveChristmas #hurryup #Jesusbirthday

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