Sunday, June 24, 2012

Korean Baseball: Go Tigers!

I FINALLY made it to a game last night and it was fun to watch some baseball over here!  Baseball transcends cultures, so other than eating gimpap instead of a hot dog and popcorn, it felt very much the same as watching a game at home.

We even did the Wave :)

I must be a good luck charm, cause we won!  We played the #1 team in Korea and we had been killing them 8-2 when my group left in the 8th (we needed to grab a taxi before the mad dash after the game), but looks like they came back a little and the final score was 09-7 (whoop). 

Baseball teams in Korea have sponsors for the team name.  They don't go by their city when people refer to them like teams in the States do.  The baseball team in Gwangju is sponsored by Kia Motors, so they're called the Kia Tigers.  They are also not very good, being ranked 7th of 8 teams.  Wooooo yeah!

I even got a video of a home run!  Check it.

Too bad that was the last home game of the season.  Hey Korea, baseball's supposed to last the WHOLE summer, not just May and June.  Lame.  [Edited to add: There are definitely a ton more home games... not sure who told us that was the last home game, but I checked the Kia Tigers' website and there are plenty more through August!  Hooray]

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