Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brighton Field Trip - Mud Pit

My school took a field trip to a mudflat last month and I never posted pics from the day.  Oops.  Well, I finally got around to dumping a ton of summer pics off my camera (and realized that I lost two whole day's worth of rose garden pictures- ugh!) and sorted them out and voila!  Here are the pics from Brighton's trip to the Jeonju Mudflats. 

All dressed for the mud! 

Marisa Teacher with Florida Class

Deborah Teacher and me with David, our little rascal!

 The school bought all the teachers these Korean roll-visor things that you see everywhere over here.  (It fit so low that I couldn't see much, so I wore it too high and/or bent the front up so I could actually use my peripheral vision)  

The mud flats!  The kids got to dig for clams to take home

Squishing our way into the mud :)

Prepared to ruin a perfectly good pair of socks

Diggin' for clams

Alice gave up trying to stay clean or dry early on - just plopped herself down in that muck

They dug up quite a haul

Messing with mah hat

Headed back in to clean up for lunch

All our socks after walking in the mud... sick!

Lunch!  Noodles with clams from the flats

After lunch, the kids got to push around some sea salt and see how it's harvested

I totally wanted in on that action!  It was also good for a good salt scrub pedicure ;)

Florida Class with the mountain of salt

Crashed out on the way home :)

The sure sign of a good field trip!

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