Monday, August 6, 2012

Parents' Visit Week - a short update

Well my parents were here for a blessedly fantastic week of awesomeness, and now they are back in the USA and I'm dealing with that.  Part of my coping strategy includes eating the Lucky Charms that they brought over from my aunt.  (Thanks, Aunt Snue, for sending me a care package with them!)  I'm also blasting worship music in my apartment.  Reminding myself of my Heavenly Father's presence and love is key since my parents aren't on this side of the Pacific anymore.  I did a little math on it and I'll see them again in roughly 215 days.  That's not that long!  (141 days til Christmas, by the way!) 

The week was jam-packed with sightseeing and experiences all over the Korean peninsula.  I had so much, so much quality time with them!  (That's my primary love language, and with the things they brought from home and all those hugs, I got my 2nd-place-tie love languages, gifts and physical touch, too!)(Go to Gary Chapman's site to find out more about those - they're genius.)  Now I'm going through withdrawals, but that's to be expected, of course.

We did so much every day that to try and post one blog entry about the whole week would be insane, especially the way that I elaborate...  Plus, between the three of us there are a bajillion pictures, so over the next week or so I will post entries from each day of our trip, with pictures. I'll try not to overwhelm anyone!

Look for the first post soon!

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