Monday, August 6, 2012

Random English Monday

While my parents were here, they noticed just how much material I have to work with for my Random English Monday posts.  My dad said I could probably do Random English Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and still not run out of material.

It's so true.

Here are just a few that we noticed while they were visiting.  There were so many more, but these made the cut.  

Jackass Penguin Tank
That's what African Penguins are called due to their donkey-like bray, but the Busan Aquarium titled the exhibit with the nickname :)

Comb.  Not Combo.  Comb.

You can *choice* two, and may I suggest the hurb sweet?

"The best service for your compliment."
"Truehearted meals and drinks with reasonable price."
":It's adding more enjoyment about your trip."
"other surprise events making more meaningful for Christmas or Valentine's day"
"Flowers, *Wins*, Cakes, and Greeting cards" (yay! we win!)
(Does anyone else enjoy the arbitrary capitalization or not?)

At my favorite guesthouse!
"please Recycling"
Didn't know you could recycle Pets!

The translations are just golden.
"Rib fingers"
"Brisket - navel end"
"Like the wheat straw mat cut the pork belly"
"Cut in grilled five-layered pork"
"Grilled pork neck meat with salt"
"Pig shell"

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