Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh by the way...

I got my hair done a week or so ago!  What do you think?

In the subway in Busan, right after leaving the salon

I'm pretty much loving it!  I've never had dark hair before and it's really fun!  It got mixed reviews from my students.  Some of them liked it, but some told me to make it light again, cause I looked like a different person.  Direct quote: "Teachah, I like you gold hair bettah."  My co-teachers told me it made me look older (in a good way) and sexier ;)  Yeah yeah yeah!

I sent pics to some of my family, the ones who I figured might be interested, but I didn't send pics to my brothers, cause really?  They're boys.  My seesters-in-law must have showed them, though, and I got feedback from BOTH of them anyway!  It made me feel loved.  Thanks guys!

It is funny, though, that I feel more metropolitan chic and ready for fall with dark hair.  Bring it on, cold weather, let's do this.

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