Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The stairs of death

I'm trying to remember to post day-to-day things about my life.  I've been here so long that I forget about the little things that stood out to me at first.  I'll post a few here and there (until I forget again) for my own entertainment, for my mom, for posterity, or whathaveyou!

These are the stairs down to the lunch room at my school.  Granite stairs without traction.  We wear slippers at school and mine don't have much grip to speak of.  There isn't a handrail.  That, plus my general clumsiness, leads to ME FALLING ALL THE TIME.  When it rains or snows, forget about it.  Cling to the wall for dear life!

NOT TO MENTION there is one step about halfway down that is a different height than the other dozen steps, even if it's just a centimeter or two off.  You don't think that'd make such a difference, but then you are hopping down the steps in a hurry (cause it's pork cutlet day and that lunch goes quick!) and you forget to take that step carefully and WHOMP - there you go!  AND THEN you trip AGAIN going up the stairs after lunch, cause your brain and foot weren't communicating and you misjudged the height.

Almost every single day.

The stairs of DEATH.

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