Monday, January 28, 2013

Random English Monday

Have I mentioned that I don't notice the randomness of the Random English as much anymore?  After nearly a year, it's all just... normal.  Guess that's what being here so long does to a person.  I remember being just amazed at HOW MUCH RANDOM ENGLISH there was EVERYWHERE when I landed... and now I have to think to myself, "Wait, is that or isn't that good English? Would I see that on a t-shirt at home?" The answer is probably almost always NO, but the fact that I have to think about it these days... I've acclimated, y'all.  It makes it harder to snap pictures for these weekly posts.  I have a new normal.  (And it's a little scary to think about just how bad my English skills have gotten.)(Seriously. They've gone to crap.)(And all these years, I've prided myself on my use of language, my command of grammar and punctuation... well, pride goeth before the fall.) 

That being said, some things really do stand out as glaring random English and make me laugh (still).  Here are a few examples that I've found recently!  

Have a great week :)

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