Thursday, February 14, 2013

Florida Class Talent Show - Installment #2

Continuing the posts about Florida's talent show script (which started a few days ago with this post), the villains for today are Rumpelstiltskin and the Queen from Snow White, followed by Scar (from The Lion King) and the Fox (from The Gingerbread Man).

Rumpelstiltskin and the Witch/Queen (Snow White) [Jace and Elizabeth]

Witch/Queen – Rumpelstiltskin, you’re looking Grimm today.  What’s wrong?

Rumpelstiltskin – I just had a horrible meeting with the Queen!  We had a deal.  I would spin straw into gold, then she would pay me.  Well I got tired of getting jewelry for all my work, so I asked for one of the royal puppies instead.  They’re so cute!  I would love to have a dog around the house, but instead she told everyone that I asked for her firstborn child!  What kind of monster asks for a child as payment?!  Now I can’t work anywhere in the kingdom because everyone thinks I’m a kidnapper.  All I wanted was a puppy!

Witch/Queen – Oh I’m so sorry!  I can’t believe she would spread such nasty rumors. 

Rumpelstiltskin – She isn’t as nice as people think she is.

Witch/Queen – That sounds like my step-daughter, Snow White.  She met the huntsman in the woods and thought that I sent him to cut out her heart!  Really I just sent him to BUY her some CANDY hearts!  What a misunderstanding!  Now she won’t have anything to do with me.  I even tried to send her a bunch of apples to say “I’m sorry,” but somehow she thinks they’re poison!  Now I don’t know what to do!  


Lemme tell you, it was hard to find a way for Scar to just be "misunderstood."  He is EVIL. I racked my brain for a reason that Scar could be less despicable and I honestly couldn't find one.  I finally asked Anna Teacher for help and she and I came up with this possibility  but it isn't my favorite of the villains' excuses for their villainous reputations.

We read The Gingerbread Man in class, so the Foxy Lady (hehe) lines were fun to write.  Sarah plays the fox and she does a precious job!  Henry plays Scar and he had a lot of trouble with his lines, so Anna ended up cutting a lot of them and now he lip syncs to some lyrics from The Lion King musical instead.  It doesn't exactly fit, but it's really cute.

Scar (Lion King) and Lady Fox (Gingerbread Man)  [Henry and Sarah]

Scar – Hello Fox, how are you today?

Lady Fox – Hello Scar, I’m not very good.  That little gingerbread man tricked me!  The farmer’s wife baked him, but he ran away from her.  Then, he was chased by a pig and a horse and a cow.  He can’t swim, so he wanted help crossing the river.  I was nice enough to help him cross the river, but then he jumped all the way up to my face!  I’m allergic to gingerbread men!  I tried not to sneeze, but I couldn’t help it, and he fell in the river!  Now everyone thinks I ate him!

Scar – That’s too bad!  You were just trying to be nice.  What a sad misunderstanding. 

Lady Fox – Tell me about it.  How are you, Scar?  Has that little nephew of yours caused any more trouble?

Scar – Well, of course.  You know that Mufasa, the king, is my older brother.  I should be king after him!  It isn’t my fault that I was born second.  I would be a much better king than he has been.  I would rule the land with efficiency and control.  Instead of banishing them to the badlands, I would work together with the hyenas to have a peaceful kingdom without trouble.  I would be a fair and honest king.  Now that little cub Simba will be king next instead of me!  He is too young and headstrong to rule!    

Lady Fox – That is too bad.  It’s tough to be the second son. 

Scar – You’ve got that right.  At least Simba is a cute nephew... but don’t let him hear that I said anything nice!  It might ruin my reputation for being a tough lion.  

(In case you missed it, catch the first installment here.)

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