Monday, February 18, 2013

Random English Monday

This has got to be one of the most catastrophically RANDOM English-y t-shirts ever.  


Just check out ALL OF THE THINGS going on at once.  

Don't worry, y'all, I will break it down as we go.  

Ok, so it starts out pretty basically random.  And then it gets crazy. 

"Model of the fashion stories and filled with too much fun and so special and unique smells."

I mean, who doesn't love so special and unique smells?  Especially a t-shirt about them?  (and maybe it is just my experience as a little sister to two brothers, but when I hear anything about 'special and unique smells,' my mind jumps straight to... "special and unique smells" that boys make that sisters just don't appreciate??  Tell me I'm not the only one whose mind jumps straight to GROSS?)

Continuing on under the maroon type...

"Japanese style, I became the head op the style. People see me in my nifty luxury."

Don't you just love nifty luxury?  It's probably my favorite kind of luxury.  

Moving on to the various styles represented by the guys around the shirt (I'll start with the top left blurb and work my way around clockwise, if you're keeping track at home.):

"My style is to start working. My walking is straight forward."

"My style is to start with a cute pose. Cute, but mine is located in the dandy style is attractive."

"I am fashion is in hiding. I know people are wondering. I want to go further.  Mysticism is just like that. Fashion."


"I can see is a Japanese style in these regal appearance. Is attractive."

"My fashion sense is excellent as a cop clothes."

IT IS JUST SO WONDERFUL, Y'ALL!  Don't you love what's going on on this shirt??  I could just die.  Die, I tell you.  

And, lest you think your Random English experience was over, it ends with even more great Engrish in yellow, printed across some of the other blurbs. 

"Fashion is a beautiful posture."

Isn't it, though??  

Have a beautiful, blessed Monday!

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