Wednesday, April 24, 2013

If you give a Texan an avocado...

If you give a Texan an avocado, she'll wish she had a lime to squeeze on it.

When you give a her some limes, she'll wish she had a margarita.

If she had a margarita, she'd probably ask you for some chips.

If she had some chips, she might ask you for some salsa.

If you give her salsa, especially if it's salsa verde, she'll wish she had could eat a few tamales.

If she got tamales, she'd wish she had some queso. While sitting on the patio at Chuy's.  Drinking another margarita.

If she had queso, she'd wish she had more chips. And probably tortillas.

If she had tortillas, she'd want to make fajitas.

If she had fajitas, she'd wish for guacamole made live at the table.

To make guacamole... well, first she'd need avocados.

You are so beautiful... to meeeeee!

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