Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This is the library and I am its queen

Have I mentioned that I LOVE MY JOB? I love my job. When I decided to move to Seoul, I knew I didn't want to teach ESL conversation anymore, so I made a list of specifics that I wanted in my next job and just prayed into it. A friend of mine, who is now my sorta-roommate and co-worker, posted about a job opening in the library at her school and I applied... then when I went in for my interview, I could hardly sit still I was so excited. I was just sitting there thinking WHEN CAN I START??  Every little thing that they want me to do is either something I have tons of experience with *or* something I'm super excited about. I told my girl Naomi all about it of course and she stopped me and reminded me, "you know that all of this is exactly what you prayed for?" Wow. Wow. God is amazing. Every detail of this job is something I'd prayed into, but I never expected it to look like this. I never expected to work at a Canadian international school in Seoul, in the library of all places! I always thought I'd go back to teaching Social Studies, but God is pretty creative. 

Maybe I'll get back to teaching history again someday, but for now this is perfect. I love books. I love organizing. I love children, I love being creative. Surprisingly, I love long stretches of quiet time alone in the stacks (which are rare; there are almost always childrens around). I love that no two days look the same. I love teaching after school classes. Even the days that are more stressful and/or frustrating are worth it, because overall this is the most fun I've ever had at a job. I routinely stay late just to finish entering books or working on a new bulletin board. I have library club volunteers who help me with routine chores and new projects. I work with students one-on-one who need a little more attention for ESL. I teach an after school dance class 2x a week and I have an after school debate class 3x a week. I have to be flexible, because I don't know what might get thrown my way halfway through the day. That can be challenging with my propensity to want control of everything all the time, but I've learned a lot about submission to proper channels of authority lately, which is so good. 

I can't believe I get paid to have this much fun. Here's the highlight reel, but remember that there are also days when I'm doing nothing but digging through the stacks to find a missing book or freaking out that someone interrupted my messy stacks of organized chaos or realizing that I just deleted 4 days worth of work in one fell swoop or butting heads with a teacher about ESL support or drafting reports or filling out reimbursement paperwork with linked barcodes to every book in the order... but even with the boring or frustrating stuff, I wouldn't trade it. 

This is the library, and I am its queen :):):)

Some things about this job make me realize just how much I am turning into my mother. Here are my labeled scissors. These are mine, these scissors will not touch tape or any sticky hands. 

Also, the kids always seem to be able to find and knock over my coffee mug. I hear you, Mom. Sorry about all the times I did that as a kid. I don't know how they find it but they do, every single time! It's like they're magnetically attracted to my stuff so that they can knock it over. At least they're cute. I mean, look at them. 

Computer lab time 

My library club minions helping me organize and repair the board games section

Reading buddies come in on Friday afternoons!

ESL support with some 6th graders

And then I get to go to conferences about how to be a better educator. I LOVE PD DAYS. #nerdalert

I was in charge of lunch detention for about a week, so I made the kids help me decorate my Poet-tree. They said it was the most fun detention they'd ever had... I think I did it wrong :)

I ordered a library barcode scanner that ended up being much more hassle than anticipated, but it FINALLY arrived and has since REVOLUTIONIZED my life. SO EFFICIENT, OH MAN I LOVE IT.

We had a spring break carnival for the kindergarten and I got to play on the jumpy house and paint faces. It was pretty fantastic.

I mean, could they be any cuter? 
One day we had an opera assembly. 

And sometimes I make nerdy librarian puns (...and by sometimes I mean always. Just wait until I blog about all my bulletin boards... heheheheheheh iloveit)

I get REALLY excited about all the new books to order and input and barcode and shelve and then READ!!! ...or re-read :-D




Best. Smell. Ever. 

Sometimes I get to substitute teach, which is fun and different. I like that it keeps me connected to the classroom. I get to know a lot more kids that way!

Sometimes teachers need an extra chaperone for nature walks and stuff. I'm a big fan of those.

I like to go visit the pre-k and kindergarten classes when I have a spare moment. Sometimes we have a little story time :)

Just a couple of 3 year olds, working on their names. 
One class wrote appreciation notes to people who don't usually feel appreciated... HEART. MELT.

School picture day!!

And here's my after school debate club from the first term!

I had a pretty big* group of 7th and 8th graders, sooooo it was a little challenging to 1) focus and 2) actually debate anything. Teenagers. Oh how I love their awkward wonderfulness! It was fun to do public speaking practice with them! The first term ended a few weeks ago, so I don't have most of these kids after school anymore. They chose web design for their new after school activity... psh. whatever.

*big is relative. For the size of our school this is a big group, but for a 5A school at home, I know this is not big. 

My second-term debate club is only 2 guys, but they are really driven! We are doing modified L-D debate and they are rocking it!! The world needs more teenage boys like this, cause they're growing up to be good, solid men!

I really can't believe I get paid to have this much fun.

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