Monday, April 20, 2015

Cherry Blossoms & Street Food & Squid, oh my!

This time of year is SO BEAUTIFUL in Korea!! There's something about waiting through a long, miserably cold and grey winter that makes springtime even more beautiful. It's worth the wait. 

The cherry blossoms bloomed a couple of weeks ago, and last week my friend Irene and I spent a lovely Saturday morning down at Yeouido under the famed blossoms!

Good conversation. Perfect weather. Gorgeous trees. Abundant selfies. Squid on a stick. What more could we want?

The sign posted in the subway, helping us out ^^
Street food #1 = chicken kebab 

Beauuuuutiful you

Street food #2 = cotton candy

Street food #3 = fried squid!!! 
When in Rome... 

So, I've lived in Korea for 3 solid years now and I have hated the smell of squid the whole time... that is, until a couple of months ago. Now I smell it and it doesn't smell revolting... quite the opposite in fact! For the first time, it smells appetizing, nay, even delicious?!?! WHAT IS THIS. 

I haven't worked up the courage to try the dried/grilled squid, but you really can't go wrong with battered-and-deep-friend anything (I am from Texas after all, and we will deep fry anything that stands still long enough). 

And it's pretty much calamari, right? Except it's an entire fried squid. With tentacles. 

We pretty much became BFFs with the girl at the squid stall, as you can tell. 

Irene captured my first squid experience in great detail ^^


Hmmm.... Hmm?

Mmmmm..... :) 

I can't believe I just ate squid! 
Squid is actually pretty good... 
Mmmmm fried tentacles!!! 
It's official. I've lived in Korea too long. I like squid. 

Street food #4 = fried chicken in spicy sauce ... and squid ^^

Street food #5 = ice cream waffles 

Finishing the day with gelato! Life. is. grand. 
It was such a lovely Saturday! Long live friendship, long live cherry blossoms, long live street food. These are a few of my favorite things! 

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