Monday, April 20, 2015

Tiny Shoebox Apartment

I know I haven't blogged in aaaages, but ohmahgoodness it's been busy since I moved to Seoul! I'm going to try to get back into blogging now that life has settled down a little. It was moving at a break-neck pace for a while but I kinda like it that way. Let's see... I moved into a tiny little shoebox apartment in January, went to Nepal a few days later, then started my new job as soon as we got back. As usual, I hit the ground running and have hardly had time to process. It's how I do. *brushes shoulders off*

I do want to keep up my blog a little more than I have been, because someday I'll be old and grey and I won't remember exactly what made this life what it is... you know, the day-to-day little things that comprise a whole grand adventure. Someday I'll print off this blog and all its pictures and have a nice little scrapbook to show my grandkids without ever having to actually scrapbook. Ain't nobody got time for that.

So, speaking of my tiny shoebox apartment! Want to see? I don't know if I ever showed you pics of my Jeonju apartment, but it was pretty wonderful and big! The one I'm in now is about the same size as my very first tiny studio apartment in Gwangju in 2012. After living in a 3 room flat for two years, buying all my own furniture, hosting international guests and really setting up house, it is an adjustment to say the least! It feels like I live in a dorm again. I can open my refrigerator while sitting on my bed. My washing machine is under my stove, next to my front door, and if you turn around you're suddenly in the bathroom. There isn't really room to move around when I have my clothes rack out to dry laundry. It is a tight squeeze... but it is mine, and it is in Seoul, and it comes with the best job I've ever had, so I'll take it and be grateful! ...but I also don't want to stay in it forever. (Please God let me move somewhere with a bigger kitchen and perhaps a dryer soon please and thank you.)

Without jabbering on too much more, here is the grand tour!

The view from the doorway. Welcome home! 
Turn around, here's the entryway/kitchen/laundry room/bathroom door
My living room/study with a pinterest-inspired wall
Another view back towards the door, the closet and drying rack on the right
My kitchen! 
The bathroom is about 5'x5'
As you can see, it ain't much but it's home! Thanks for visiting :)

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